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- light button = Shadow Blade Strike (close)

- medium button = Metal Blade, mashing the button will throw multiple blades

- medium button + forward = Mega Arm (more range than SBS)

- hard button = Megabuster (chargeable)

- hard button + down = slide


- Air Shooter


- double jump = rush jet adaptor

- air dash = rush jet

- high jump = rush coil


- throw behind = concrete shot

- throw forward = shots commando bomb on the ground

- throw forward in air = shots enemy with commando bomb at the wall


- alpha = slide

- beta = triple blade

- gamma = multiple megabuster shots

Assist Hyper:

- hornet chaser


- jewel satellite (qcb)= can be shot straight forward, hits the enemy when
he touches it and reflects projectiles,light=disappears after 1 hit,
medium=disappears after 2 hits,hard=disappears after 3 hits (works
like in mm9, hits up)

- light button (qcf)= drill bomb

- medium button (qcf)= triple blade

- hard button (qcf)= thunder beam

- super arm (fcb)= Gutsmans abilty, an unblockable grab with a solid
range, throws the enemy the same way like the rocks in mm1, low
button is the fastest throw, hard button the strongest

- tornado blow (chargemove,up)= light = weak tornado blow (remains 0,5 seconds,
makes the enemy trip),medium = medium tornado blow (remains 1 second,
makes the enemy fly up a quarter of the screen and then fall down),
hard = hard tornado blow (remains 2 sec., makes the enemy fly up half
of the screen and then fall down)(all fullscreen and hit up)

hyper combos:

- lvl 1 hyper (qcf)(hornet chaser) = shots five chasing hornets at the opponent

- lvl 1 hyper (dpf)(triple thunder wool) = shots 3 thunder wools in
the air, they are close to each other, fire asynchronous and are very
fast (remains 2 seconds, hits up)

- lvl 3 hyper (hcb)(gravity charge combination) = attacks with charge kick,
if it hits ,the enemy is laying down on the ground, gets pushed up and
down by gravity hold several times until he is laying down again and
then gets charged to the other side of the screen (remains 3 sec.,hits
my thoughts on how megamans moveset should look like, these are my second thoughts (the first was a smash bros moveset)

im going to update this, at the moment it only shows the important moves
Super-Aaron-360 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe Megaman's on the way. I'm sure you saw that poster of him in the latest UMVC3 videos.
ShaneNewville Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Professional Filmographer
I wish this was a patch or a bumper sticker
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